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Why treat with herbs as an alternative medicine?

Because they're cheap, effective and safer than prescriptions.

Herbs are an often overlooked way to treat your ailments, especially by doctors, who prescribe drugs because they are basically paid to sponsor the drugs they dispense. A problem with prescription medications, is that they are often made from herbs by isolating specific chemicals from the plant. This causes them to lose a lot of natural "buffers" within them, making them damage organs, and many other side effects that you would simply not want.

This website shows you how to cure and prevent everyday sicknesses with herbs. There are a lot of options out there for you, so once you get a diagnosis from your doctor, you can treat it yourself.

This does not mean you have to figure everything out yourself, as herb specialty stores, like apothecaries, often have knowledgable staff that may help you with suggestions for treating yourself.

You may also notice that there are more options than just herbs, such as special and cheap treatments like hyperbarics. I will try to cover other options if I know someone who has used it, and what it did or did not do for them.

In this day in age, while doctors can be helpful, they don't always support or suggest better options for you. Don't get me wrong, doctors are usually professional, but they practice medicine, not prevention of illnesses.

So start clicking the leaf links to get started learning how to manage, treat, and prevent a huge array of ailments! Also, be sure to sign up, so you can post comments, and deal with less ads.

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